Lucas On The Issues

As a Marine veteran, Missouri native, and anti-monopoly advocate, Lucas Kunce’s number one mission in this campaign is to fundamentally change who has power in this country. He wants everyday Missourians—working people who know how to take care of each other—to call the shots, not the monopolies, multinational corporations, and career politicians who’ve sucked Missouri dry and stripped our communities for parts. He’s building a populist, people-powered movement to take back this U.S. Senate seat for the people. And this is what we’re fighting for.

End Monopoly Domination of Our Economy

Over the last 40 years, career politicians have allowed a handful of massive corporations to dominate our industries and rig the system against working people. Free markets, the bedrock of our democratic and economic system, are no longer free. Today, three giant companies dominate broadband, one company handles 60% of all internet searches, one company sets the prices for most of the nation’s seed corn, and a handful of companies now control the pharmaceutical industry.  

Corporate monopoly power has destroyed family farms, increased the cost of health care, suppressed wages, made it impossible for small businesses to compete, and shipped countless jobs overseas. It’s made Wall Street and corporate wealth the focus of our politics, not the well-being of working families who’ve been left behind. Lucas joined the nonprofit American Economic Liberties Project to fight corporate monopoly power— from Big Tech and Big Agriculture to Big Pharma and defense monopolies. In the U.S. Senate, he’ll continue that fight.

Break up corporate monopolies

That starts by breaking up massive corporations so that small innovative businesses can rise up in the marketplace. So fair competition and innovation drive our economy. So that companies are incentivized to spend money on research and development to stay ahead of their competitors, rather than spending it on lobbying. We also need to revive our antitrust laws, increase Congressional oversight, and repeal or revise laws like Section 230 that shield these companies so everyday people have the power to compete in our economy, demand fair treatment in the workplace, and hold corporations accountable for abuse.

Lucas believes that as politicians wage economic warfare against everyday Americans, we should call it what it is: Treason. That’s what happened when politicians in Missouri greenlit a Chinese corporate invasion of our farmland that’s left family farmers devastated. In the U.S. Senate, he’ll introduce legislation at the federal level that will not only ban foreign ownership of American agricultural land but also force the sale of any farmland currently owned by foreign entities back into the hands of American farmers. The legislation would also guarantee that land goes to real American farmers, not Big Ag.

The cost of insulin isn’t determined by supply and demand. It’s really just 3 companies setting a price based on how many deaths and amputations the market will bear until people start rioting. That’s not a “free market” — that’s a drug cartel. So when a politician from either party says we have to accept a world where people die from rationing their medications, here’s the compelling economic evidence they’re relying on: Big Pharma is paying them to say it. That’s why Lucas is rejecting contributions not only from corporate PACs, but also the Pharma executives destroying our communities. In this U.S. Senate, he’ll fight to do more than just break up Big Pharma — he’ll fight to prosecute them.

Abolishing Corporate PACs And Safeguarding Democracy

Right now, massive corporations are buying politicians like Senators Josh Hawley and Roy Blunt with corporate PAC donations so they can write the rules we all have to play by in our economy. They then direct their bought-off politicians to approve corporate judges who interpret the law on behalf of big corporations instead of workers and small businesses. This system is leaving working people across Missouri behind. 

But to flip the power dynamic in this country, Lucas believes we’ll need to do more than just hold corporate monopolies accountable in our economy — we need to also safeguard our democracy from corruption and empower everyday people to make their voices heard and their votes count.

Abolish Corporate PACs

That’s why he’s gone beyond just rejecting contributions from corporate PACs. As Missouri’s next U.S. Senator, Lucas Kunce will fight to completely abolish corporate PACs, ban the family members of U.S. Senators and Representatives from working as lobbyists, and require members of Congress to disclose when legislation has been written by a lobbyist or special interest group. He’ll fight to protect voting rights from political attacks. He’ll also work to outlaw stock ownership for members of Congress and their immediate family, making the punishment jail time so politicians have to pay real consequences — just like the rest of us.

Enacting A Marshall Plan for the Midwest

For decades, the elites in Washington have been wasting trillions of dollars and thousands of lives on wars for oil and “nation building” in other people’s countries. And Lucas isn’t afraid to call out the lies told by the media elites, defense contractors, military leaders, and politicians from both parties who stood to profit. In this U.S. Senate, he’ll even sponsor legislation to officially outlaw war profiteering and jail the profiteers.

But while we were fighting and dying in the Middle East, those same political elites were letting our country get sucked dry by massive corporations who’ve shipped good jobs overseas and stripped our communities for parts. Missouri has been on the front lines, with our land and major industries being sold to multinational corporations, a living wage becoming harder to come by, and small businesses losing the chance to compete.

Lucas believes that instead of wasting trillions of dollars on war and nation building overseas, we need to start nation building right here at home. In 1948, the United States enacted The Marshall Plan, helping Europe rebuild homes, infrastructure, industries, and whole cities after World War II. Lucas also personally witnessed the spending of billions of dollars building up Iraq and Afghanistan. 

After 40 years of devastation from unchecked monopoly power, Lucas Kunce thinks it’s time to invest here in the heartland, through a Marshall Plan for the Midwest to rebuild forgotten communities, make America a renewable energy exporter, fight climate threats, create the next generation of good jobs, and bring power back to American workers. Instead of spending trillions of dollars on forever wars in the Middle East and printing billions of dollars every month to juice Wall Street, we’ll put our tax dollars into towns and cities here at home.

Marshall Plan Our Forgotten Towns And Cities

We’ve been building things right here in Missouri for generations, so Lucas’s plan would put our carpenters, tradespeople, sheet metal workers, laborers, and engineers to work rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, expanding broadband coverage, reshoring semiconductor manufacturing, and making our homes, businesses, and public buildings energy efficient. At the same time, we’d be investing in job training, local governments, and the factories of the future to create generations of sustainable jobs.

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