Lucas On The Issues

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Abortion Rights and Reproductive Healthcare

The Supreme Court has taken away the right to choose, allowing politicians in Jefferson City to make Missouri the first state to fully outlaw abortion — even without exceptions for survivors of rape and incest. Lucas knows this is a Big Brother attack on all of us, and we have to fight back. Congress must immediately end the filibuster and codify Roe v. Wade and protections for abortion access nationwide. If they won’t, then we must replace them. Lucas knows who this decision will fall hardest on — working people and struggling families who are losing control over their own bodies and their economic opportunities. When he’s in the Senate, he will fight like hell to guarantee access to abortion and reproductive healthcare for all Missourians.

Legalizing Weed And Confronting The Opioid Epidemic

For years, the massive corporations behind private prisons, the insurance industry, and pharmaceutical cartels have pushed our government to keep up a “War on Drugs” that’s cost billions in taxpayer dollars and led to the arrest of millions of Americans for nonviolent cannabis offenses. Meanwhile, the United States is experiencing an opioid overdose crisis, with Missouri alone experiencing more than a thousand opioid-related deaths every year. Black communities have suffered a disproportionate impact from the War On Drugs, with Black Americans being 3-4 times more likely to be arrested for cannabis, despite consuming it at the same rate as white Americans. Lucas thinks it’s time for a new direction. In the U.S. Senate, he’ll fight to legalize cannabis nationwide, reassess marijuana convictions, and invest public resources in the treatment and resources we need to end the Opioid Epidemic.

Fighting for American Workers

Lucas believes that American workers are our country’s greatest asset. And so he knows any threat to the union way of life is a threat to our national security.

American workers have done more than just build our country. Through unions, working people of all backgrounds come together to bargain for better wages, benefits, and protections for themselves, their families, and their communities. But across the country, massive corporations and the politicians they pay for are doing everything they can to roll back and block further progress for working families in the name of profit. 

Lucas is committed to fundamentally changing who has power in this country, and the rights that workers have to organize, to be paid a living wage, and to be protected from discrimination are foundational keystones to making that change happen. That’s why Lucas supports passing the PRO Act, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, strengthening the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and ending government-section pay discrimination against Americans with disabilities. As Senator, he’ll also fight back against the outsourcing and privatization of essential services provided by public employees in federal, state, and local governments.

Breaking Up Big Ag

Missouri is in the middle of a farming crisis. Massive, multinational corporations are attempting to own every facet of agriculture in our state. Chinese-owned Smithfield and Brazilian-owned JBS have been able to gobble up farmland across Missouri under the blessing of career politicians in Jefferson City and Washington, D.C., putting family farmers out of businesses, polluting our land, and making rural economies struggle.

Lucas knows that when politicians wage economic warfare against everyday Americans, we should call it what it is: Treason. That’s what happened when politicians in Missouri greenlit a corporate invasion of our farmland that’s left family farmers devastated. In the U.S. Senate, he’ll introduce legislation at the federal level that will not only ban foreign ownership of American agricultural land but also force the sale of any farmland currently owned by foreign entities back into the hands of American farmers. The legislation would also guarantee that land goes to real American farmers, not Big Ag. He’ll fight for new trade agreements that benefit family farms, not global monopolistic commodity traders. And he’ll empower consumers to choose American by reinstating mandatory country of origin labeling nationwide.

Achieving Universal Health Care

Right now, all the power in our health care system is in the hands of a few massive corporations. Giant conglomerates are buying up independent doctor’s officers, cutting nursing staff, and closing down “inefficient” health care providers in rural Missouri. Pharmaceutical cartels are colluding to make the costs of life-saving drugs like insulin artificially skyrocket. And insurance companies continue to profit from denying care. The still largely unchecked power of massive corporations is making health care more expensive and leading to worse health outcomes.

Most Americans are now just one medical emergency away from disaster. Lucas lived that personally when his sister’s heart surgeries led to his parents’ bankruptcy.  Lucas believes health care is a human right. We need a universal health care system that empowers everyday people, not corporations seeking profit. And that includes fighting back against Big-Brother-style attacks on abortion access. And it includes breaking up and prosecuting the Big Pharma cartels that force everyday people to ration their medications.

Keeping Our Promise To Veterans

As a former Marine Corps officer, Lucas knows how important it is that our country keeps its promises to the brave American veterans who have put their lives on the line so others didn’t have to. In the U.S. Senate, he’ll work to expand access to mental health services for veterans of all ages, adapt job training opportunities to the workplaces of the future, and provide support to the nearly 500 Missouri veterans experiencing homelessness.

Equality for everyday Missourians

All Missourians need jobs with dignity, stronger and safe communities, and a government that works for them, not against them. But Lucas knows without a level playing field or the freedom to control their own lives, meeting those needs will remain out of reach for Missouri women. As Missouri’s next U.S. Senator, Lucas will confront the unique challenges they face. He’ll push for legislation that ends pay discrimination, combats workplace harassment, and ensures paid family, medical, and sick leave for all workers. He’ll demand action that provides greater accountability among massive corporations, members of Congress, and the military for sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. Lucas is fully committed to reproductive freedom for all, and he’ll fight back against attacks on abortion access designed to restrict opportunity and sow division within our communities.

Black Lives Matter. Lucas recognizes the reality that Black Missourians of all ages are more at risk of dying as a result of police use of force compared to white Missourians. But it doesn’t stop there — Black Missourians face unique challenges and inequities in school, in the workplace, in the criminal justice system, and in communities across our state and our country. In this campaign, Lucas is committed to working with Black leaders and activists to enact a comprehensive agenda that empowers Black Missourians and creates a more equitable and inclusive America. 

Lucas believes that no matter where they live or work, LGBTQ+ Missourians should be empowered to feel safe and supported in their communities. That’s why we must act to pass the Equality Act, protect our kids by banning conversion therapy nationwide, and end the epidemic of violence against trans Americans. He will also fight to protect progress made by codifying same-sex marriage rights into federal law.

Investing In Education

In Washington, we’ve been printing billions of dollars to keep Wall Street corporations afloat and spending trillions of dollars on overseas wars for oil while millions of Americans struggle under the historic weight of student loan debt. To make up for tax breaks and corporate handouts in Jefferson City, politicians have cut so much from education that dozens of Missouri school districts can now only afford to hold class four days a week. And in the forgotten neighborhoods, towns, and cities across our state and our region, communities of color and working people continue to lack the same opportunities to go to good schools or train for a new job that are afforded to white and wealthy communities. 

Lucas knows that to build the next generation of energy here in Missouri, we need to empower Missourians of all ages and backgrounds with the education and training opportunities they’ll need to succeed in the economies of today and tomorrow. That means making college more accessible by providing relief for student loans. It means investing in K-12 and Pre-K education so our teachers have the resources they need to help our kids grow and succeed. It means putting more money into Pell Grants, the very program Lucas attended college on. And it means investing in Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions.

Defending Social Security

Social Security is one of the few areas where everyday Americans have power, where, to some degree, every single person in our country is taken care of and provided for. But even when it’s still not enough for far too many seniors to keep up with the rising costs of living, Wall Street corporations have kept up their attempts at privatization, hoping to turn a profit by gambling your contributions on the market. As a senator, Lucas will fight back against these attacks and work to strengthen Social Security so that seniors have the power to retire comfortably and with dignity.