— July 23, 2022 —

The top two contenders for the Democratic nomination in Missouri’s U.S. Senate race are both first-time candidates for statewide office that voters have not had a chance to learn more about previously. It’s critical that in the final days of this primary, Democratic voters learn as much as they can about these candidates before they vote on August 2nd. Below are informative messages for these voters.

Democratic primary voters in Missouri’s major media markets need to see that billionaire heiress Trudy Busch Valentine has a decades-long affiliation with a racist, white supremacist organization — the Veiled Prophet.

That DECADES-LONG involvement includes being crowned a Veiled Prophet queen in 1977, attending an honor ceremony for former VP queens in 1990, as well as debuting her daughter at the ball as recently as 2010. 

Trudy Busch Valentine has even laughed about attending the racist ball, lying about attending the racist institution well into her adult life. 

A legacy like that can never represent Missourians in the U.S. Senate.

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