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More and More Missouri Leaders Are All In For Lucas Kunce

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Independence, MO – Today, Councilwoman Katheryn Shields (Kansas City), Representative Michael Johnson (Kansas City), Mayor Reggie Jones (City of Dellwood), Kansas City entrepreneur Charlie Lowe, and Councilman Terry Wilson (City of Jennings) are throwing their support behind 13-year Marine veteran Lucas Kunce in the Missouri U.S. Senate Race.

“Lucas Kunce has invested in this state and has the only compelling message in the entire race,” said Representative Michael Johnson. “That’s what makes him so exciting, and it’s what is going to carry him all the way to the Senate. I know real Missourians, and I know they’re excited as I am about this guy. A champion for working people in the Senate – I like the sound of that.”

“Campaigns are about everyday people across the entire state,” said Councilwoman Katheryn Shields. “That’s what has impressed me most about Lucas Kunce. This guy is going everywhere across Missouri to earn support. He’s running a real statewide campaign with a powerful message that resonates with real Missourians. I couldn’t be prouder to throw my support behind him. He has what it takes to win the whole thing.”

“When I think about supporting someone, I think about who I want our children to look up to,” said Mayor Reggie Jones. “I couldn’t think of a better role model than Lucas Kunce. Served his country as a Marine and now wants to continue serving his community, his state, and his country in the U.S. Senate. He’s going to make Missouri proud, and it’s why I’ve decided to support his run. Lucas is someone who will fight alongside us, who will listen to us, and who will never forget who he signed up to serve – the people of Missouri. He’s been doing it for years already.”

“Lucas Kunce worked to get where he’s at,” said Charlie Lowe, Kansas City entrepreneur. “He served our country and now he’s fighting for us working people, for all working people across Missouri. We need someone like that, someone who has the courage to stand up for the everyday people. Someone who knows what it’s like to struggle growing up. Someone who puts people before politics. We haven’t heard that kind of fighting spirit from any of the other candidates. Only Lucas. That’s why I’ve got his back in this race.”

“Lucas Kunce puts people first,” said Councilman Terry Wilson. “We need more leaders like that. I’m so sick of machine politics that put special interests over real people here in Missouri. Lucas isn’t a product of that old-school broken machine. He’s his own man, and the people-powered campaign he’s running speaks to that. Nobody else in the state is doing it quite like he is. I couldn’t be more excited to get this man to the Senate so Missourians can finally have a fighter who’s on our side.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Lucas Kunce earning support from a number of St. Louis leaders, including Representative Rasheen Aldridge Jr., St. Louis County Councilwoman Shalonda Webb, Bellefontaine Neighbors Mayor Tommie Pierson Sr., and St. Louis Alderwoman Shameem Clark Hubbard.

Lucas Kunce continues to consolidate support in this race. He’s also earned endorsements from VoteVets, League of Conservation Voters, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, No Dem Left Behind, Taking the Hill, and We Have the People.