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In wake of Trudy Busch Valentine refusing to debate, 13-year Marine Veteran Lucas Kunce announces a wave of support for his groundbreaking candidacy

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Independence, MO – Today, Lucas Kunce is proud to announce that he has earned support from leaders across the state who are fighting to improve their communities and empower real Missourians. Lucas Kunce continues to show up for people in every corner of Missouri—rural and urban—and these endorsements are a direct testament to the hard work Lucas has put in on the trail, his empowering message, lengthy record of service to his country, and his real ability to flip this state blue in November. 

This list includes, Councilwoman Rita Heard Days (St. Louis County), Councilman Terry Wilson (City of Jennings), Councilwoman Shalonda Webb (St. Louis County), the Fannie Lou Hamer Coalition (St. Louis), Southland Progress (Kansas City), Former State Senator Wes Shoemyer, Former Mayor Bill McMurray (St. Joseph), Mayor Catrina Robinson (Hayti Heights), Indivisible St. Louis, Bishop Timothy Smith, Sr. (New Life Community Church of God in Christ), Lewis & Clark Township Democrats, Northwest Township Democrats, Norwood Township Democrats, Raytown Democrats, Spanish Lake Democrats, 4th Ward Democrats (St. Louis City), and Ferguson Township Democrats.

“I have met many candidates for public office,” said Councilwoman Rita Heard Days. “But it’s rare that I meet someone who has the unique combination of authenticity, competence, energy, and desire to do the hard work that it takes to advocate for the people of this state. Lucas Kunce is that candidate. Voters deserve someone who stands with and for the working class, who grew up working class and knows the struggles we face every day. It’s so important we elect people whose lived experiences will make them a better champion for real Missourians. That’s why I’ve endorsed Lucas for U.S. Senate. He has what it takes to serve the people of this state with honor and integrity and I am looking forward to helping him lead our state and our country.”

“Lucas Kunce’s experience and leadership uniquely qualify him to be the next US Senator from Missouri,” 
said Mayor Bill McMurray, former Mayor of St. Joseph. “As a Marine veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, he knows how to fight.  Missouri needs a fighter in the US Senate – to battle monopolies, multinational corporations, and career politicians, and to stand up for working people. As a member of the Joint Staff at the Pentagon, he worked with agencies of government to stop the proliferation of nuclear, chemical, and missile technology around the globe. As an International Negotiations Officer, he negotiated arms control agreements and strategy at NATO and with Russia. He’s the only candidate in this race who’s uniquely prepared to combat political extremism and to safeguard our democracy from corruption.”

“We’re interested in backing a candidate who will win, and that’s why we’re all in for Lucas Kunce,” 
said John Sharp, President of Southland Progress. “Lucas has led a life of service, with 13 years in the Marines defending our freedoms. This is a man who cares about his country, about his community, about the working people of this state. Lucas is exactly the kind of fighter we need to take on the GOP and finally flip this seat. We’ve got his back.”

“I want to vote for someone who’s about lifting up communities. That’s who Lucas Kunce is and that’s what his whole campaign is about,” 
said Bishop Timothy Smith, Sr., New Life Community Church of God in Christ, St. Louis. “I’m tired of people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk – Lucas Kunce has been serving our country for years, and I know he’s going to bring that servant’s heart to the Senate. He’s going to be on our side, the people’s side. I’m proud to endorse him.”

Indivisible St. Louis issued the following statement: “Indivisible St Louis is proud and excited to support Lucas Kunce for U. S. Senate. He has committed to restoring and investing in our communities and rural towns, and he is a champion of campaign finance reform who’s committed to grassroots donations to run his campaign. Lucas is determined to change who is in Washington, D. C., and that they are working for ALL OF US!”

“Lucas Kunce is fighting for everyday Americans and will hold special interests accountable with populist policies that benefit workers. Critical freedoms are under attack,” said in their endorsement. “We need to elect leaders that will rise to the moment.”

Lucas Kunce has already earned the support of leaders from across the state, including Mayor Ella Jones (Ferguson), Councilwoman Katheryn Shields (Kansas City), Representative Michael Johnson (Kansas City), Mayor Reggie Jones (City of Dellwood), Councilwoman Rita Heard Days (St. Louis County), Councilman Terry Wilson (City of Jennings), former Mayor Jim O’Neal (Springfield), former Presiding Commissioner Dave Coonrod (Greene County) Representative Rasheen Aldridge Jr. (St. Louis), Bishop Timothy Smith, Sr. (New Life Community Church of God in Christ), Gwen Reed (Spanish Lake Committeewoman), Councilwoman Shalonda Webb (St. Louis), Mayor Tommie Pierson Sr. (Bellefontaine Neighbors), Alderwoman Shameem Clark Hubbard (St. Louis), John Sharp (President of Southland Progress), Former State Senator Wes Shoemyer (northeast MO), former Mayor Bill McMurray (St. Joseph), Mayor Catrina Robinson (Hayti Heights), and more.

Local organizations backing Lucas Kunce include the Fannie Lou Hamer Coalition (St. Louis), Southland Progress (Kansas City), Indivisible St. Louis, Lewis & Clark Township Democrats, Northwest Township Democrats, Norwood Township Democrats, Raytown Democrats, Spanish Lake Democrats, 4th Ward Democrats (St. Louis), and Ferguson Township Democrats.

Lucas has also earned endorsements from national grassroots organizations like VoteVets, League of Conservation Voters, Common Defense, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, No Dem Left Behind, Taking the Hill, We Have the People, Democrats Serve,, and United Rural Democrats.