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Meet Lucas Kunce

Lucas Kunce grew up in Cole County, Missouri. Like most Missouri families, his family lived paycheck-to-paycheck. When his sister was born with a heart condition, they went bankrupt, relying on the generosity of their neighbors to make it. Through Pell grants, scholarships, and the kindness of people around town, he made it to college. He then spent 13 years as a Marine officer, serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and representing our country in arms control negotiations with Russia. He then worked at a nonprofit that fights back against the corporate monopolies that dominate our economy and our politics.

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Lucas on the issues

As a Marine veteran, Missouri native, and anti-monopoly advocate, Lucas Kunce’s number one mission in this campaign is to fundamentally change who has power in this country. He wants everyday Missourians—working people who know how to take care of each other—to call the shots, not the monopolies, multinational corporations, and career politicians who’ve sucked Missouri dry and stripped our communities for parts. He’s building a populist, people-powered movement to take back this U.S. Senate seat for the people. And this is what we’re fighting for.

  1. Ending Corporate Monopoly Domination of Our Economy
  2. Abolishing Corporate PACs And Protecting Democracy
  3. Nation Build America: Marshall Plan for the Midwest
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