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Missouri Senate Hopeful Lucas Kunce Battles Big Money in Both Parties

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Lucas Kunce can make a genuine progressive populist appeal that distinguishes him from millionaire candidates in both parties. He’s not a millionaire. He grew up in a working-class family that went through bankruptcy because of medical bills. He is a fierce critic of Wall Street, corporate monopolies, racist and xenophobic leaders, and big money in politics. On his campaign website, Kunce rips into the corporate politicians who helped “ship jobs and opportunities out of our state for decades.” And he promises that his “number one mission is to fundamentally change who has power in this country.” Beating the big-money politics that give us millionaire candidates and compromise governance is the first step in that process, which explains why the Post-Dispatch is so enthusiastic about Kunce.

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In wake of Trudy Busch Valentine refusing to debate, 13-year Marine Veteran Lucas Kunce announces a wave of support for his groundbreaking candidacy

This list includes, Councilwoman Rita Heard Days (St. Louis County), Councilman Terry Wilson (City of Jennings), Councilwoman Shalonda Webb (St. Louis County), the Fannie Lou Hamer Coalition (St. Louis), Southland Progress (Kansas City), Former State Senator Wes Shoemyer, Former Mayor Bill McMurray (St. Joseph), Mayor Catrina Robinson (Hayti Heights), Indivisible St. Louis, Bishop Timothy Smith, Sr. (New Life Community Church of God in Christ), Lewis & Clark Township Democrats, Northwest Township Democrats, Norwood Township Democrats, Raytown Democrats, Spanish Lake Democrats, 4th Ward Democrats (St. Louis City), and Ferguson Township Democrats.

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Washington Post profiles Lucas Kunce and the race for U.S. Senate in Missouri

Lucas Kunce was profiled by Bill Donahue in Washington Post Magazine.

“Eventually, I’ll speak to Kristin Kobes Du Mez, a history and gender studies professor at Calvin University in Michigan, and learn that she too appreciates Kunce’s force. ‘He’s exactly the sort of candidate the Democrats should be running right now… Who better to reveal how much of the right wing’s masculinity is performative?'”

“It would be impossible to call Lucas Kunce a wimp, or to tar him with the label ‘elitist’ — another, related slur beloved by Republicans.”

“Kunce doesn’t deny that opposing Greitens would be tough, but he’d relish the challenge. ‘If it’s me against Greitens, it’s going to be bloody,’ Kunce says. ‘It’s going to be a very bloody, nasty fight.'”

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Lucas Kunce: Make Sh*t In America Again | Op-Ed For The St. Louis Labor Tribune

Op-Ed | St. Louis Labor Tribune

We used to make shit in this country. But in the past 25 years, America has lost five million manufacturing jobs and closed nearly 70,000 factories. Our politicians didn’t just stand by – they helped make it happen.

I’m running for Senate because we need to make shit in America again. I want to put real Missourians in charge of our state and real Americans in charge of our country. Instead of more wars overseas, I want to nation-build America – investing in the apprenticeship programs and infrastructure we need to build the next generation of industries here at home and recruit the workers we need to get it done.

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