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NEW VIDEO: Hawley Caught Lying About Being Pro-IVF, Despite Risk To IVF Access In Missouri

While Hawley lies about being “100% pro-IVF” despite having a long and recent record of being anti-IVF, he’s now admitted he won’t back actual efforts to protect IVF in Congress. He’s even falsely claiming those efforts are “really about abortion” (they’re not) — proving his views are unchanged from when he pioneered anti-IVF legal arguments now being used to threaten the practice across the country.

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Report From The Guardian: Josh Hawley exposed as a pioneer behind nationwide efforts to restrict access to IVF

The Guardian // Yahoo! News

The Guardian just exposed Josh Hawley as a pioneer behind arguments being used in attempts to restrict IVF access in Missouri and nationwide. The Guardian: “Hawley said the morning-after pill, ‘may induce an abortion by preventing implantation of a fertilized egg,’ in effect the same logic accepted by justices at the Alabama supreme court that led to shutdowns of IVF.”