Jobs | Organizing

Titles: Organizer, Organizing Manager, Organizing Director (Multiple roles and specializations available)

Salary: $3,750 – $4,750/month for junior roles, $5,000 – $6,500 for mid-level roles, $6,500+ for senior roles (commensurate with experience and eligible for increase once every six months)

Benefits: Eligible for UnitedHealthcare medical, dental, and vision plan with 100% employer-covered premiums

Leave: 6 days of vacation in the first 6 months, additional days accrued after 6 months, reasonable sick leave, bereavement, and paid holidays

Location: Missouri (can start remote until relocation)

Our campaign is looking for committed organizers across various experience levels and disciplines (from field to community organizing to digital mobilization) to help build the foundation for the earliest organizing operation ever executed in a Missouri U.S. Senate race without a Democratic incumbent.

Experience in the execution and planning of absentee/early-vote programs is a major priority and will be a huge plus for interested applicants to highlight in their submissions. In 2023, all organizing roles will have responsibilities that cover the statewide electorate; positions for regional roles will become available in 2024.

Expected Proficiencies Include:

  • Experience using VAN and Excel/GSheets.
  • Experience recruiting and managing a team of volunteers.
  • Experience using miniVAN, Mobilize, Peer-to-Peer SMS services, and other common tools for voter contact.
  • Capacity to balance and prioritize multiple projects.
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with strong attention to detail.
  • Strong grasp of contemporary political issues and current events.
  • [FOR MID-LEVEL ROLES] 1-2 cycles of experience in organizing on local, congressional, or statewide campaigns or organizations.
  • [FOR SENIOR ROLES] 2-3 cycles of experience in organizing congressional, or statewide campaigns or organizations. Must have experience or knowledge of planning and executing absentee/early-vote programs.

Applicants should submit a resume with the subject line “ORGANIZING — [FULL NAME]” to [email protected]. If interested in a senior or mid-level role (e.g. Statewide Organizing Director, Digital Mobilization Manager, etc.), please include a brief paragraph detailing your interest and related experience.