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With The Hawley Family Business’ Mifepristone Case Now Before The Supreme Court, Here’s What People Need to Know

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 Josh Hawley, his wife, and his allies got a favorable ruling “filled with activists’ language (after judge shopping) from a campaign donor turned federal judge. Hawley has used his office to support his wife’s case before the Supreme Court today. 

Independence, MO — Today, Lucas Kunce released a thread detailing Josh Hawley’s pivotal role in today’s Supreme Court case, traced all the way back to political donations he received from Judge Kacsmaryk.

Here is what people need to know about the history behind this case:

Ahead of today’s Supreme Court case, Lucas Kunce released the following statement:

“Senators shouldn’t be in the business of using their position to benefit their family’s legal activism, especially if there is a financial incentive to do so. And there shouldn’t even be a hint of campaign donations impacting who, when, and how a judge gets on a court. In the U.S. Senate, I’ll vote to restore Roe. But I’ll also fight for rules to end corruption like this in our courts. I’ll file legislation to outlaw judge shopping for good, and to bar senators from voting on judicial nominees who’ve given to their campaigns.”