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Lucas Kunce: Josh Hawley Needs to Learn a Thing or Two About ‘Manhood’ | Joint Op-Ed for The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast

When the opportunity to make a historic investment in American manufacturing and jobs came—the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law—Hawley said no. When the opportunity came, again, to make a historic investment in American manufacturing and jobs, this time oriented to out-competing China, Hawley again said no… You can’t be serious about the challenges confronting America’s men while kneecapping them every chance you get. Barking orders at men at the latest manhood summit isn’t a serious solution. Real leaders don’t tell people what to do, anyway. Marine Corps leadership—as we were taught—is about empowering others through example, tools, and training. In this case, giving everyday Americans what they need to accomplish their mission.


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MAJOR LABOR ENDORSEMENT: Greater Kansas City Building Trades Endorse Lucas Kunce for U.S. Senate

“The Greater Kansas City Building and Construction Trades Council is proud to be among the first to endorse Lucas Kunce. Our time with Kunce has left us consistently impressed and with the distinct impression that he understands the seriousness of the issues facing not only our members, but our nation, in a way that is unique and born out of the lived experience of someone from a true working-class background,” said Business Manager Ralph Oropeza. “Like so many of our members, Kunce is a veteran who knows what it means to selflessly serve our nation. We look forward to working to get him into a position to serve again — this time as U.S. Senator from Missouri.”